We don't believe in sending anything to landfill.

You can rest assured that any item collected by us will find a new home.

The recycling industry currently only reclaims 15% of the total textile waste that is produced. So what about that additional 85% that goes straight to landfill? Well the tragedy is that over 90% of that textile waste is perfectly recyclable.

UK consumers spend an average of £780 per head annually on 2.15 million tonnes of clothing - an average of 35kg per person. Sadly, only about one eighth of unwanted clothing is sent for re-use through charities and the rest is discarded.

Approximately 93% of all textile waste sent for recycling is successfully reclaimed with about 35% going out as used clothing, 33% as reprocessed fibres (filler in vehicle seats, upholstery and insulation, etc), 25% is converted to cloth wipers - with only 7% ending up in landfill.

Our aim is to find a new use or home for every item that passes through our doors.