African Grade

Our African Stock consists of A and B grade materials collected entirely from the UK.

These goods are a mixture of Ladies, Men's and Children's clothing and footwear along with various household items which are graded and hand sorted by our dedicated staff.

Items are further categorised by material such as cotton, poly and denim.

The goods are packaged in 45 - 55kg polypropylene bales, and strapped together by nines and loaded in 40HC containers.

Our follow-through ensures that customers are provided with all the necessary paperwork to obtain their container at the port of destination.

Our goods are well recognised and sought after in Western and Eastern Africa and our customer service is highly regarded.

A Grade

Our A Grade containers consist of a varied mix of high quality ladies clothing, menswear, children's wear and household items.

B Grade - Heavy Goods

Our B Grade containers consist of a mixture of heavier pre-owned ladies clothing, men's clothing, children's wear and household goods.

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