Wiping Cloths

100% Recycled Wiping & Polishing cloths

We believe that no used textiles should end up in a landfill.
To make this mission a reality we recycle clothing that can't be worn again into wiping cloths.

Our wiping cloths are carefully sorted into specific fabrics for different uses and compressed into handy 10kg bags.

We offer these types of Wiping Cloth:

sweatshirts Sweatshirts
A heavier cotton material compared to hosiery. Highly absorbent and ideal for heavier spills, wiping grease etc.

whitehosiery White Hosiery
A soft cotton fabric, cut from white T-Shirt material. A quality cleaning cloth suited to valeting and polishing.

flannels Flannels
Cut from pyjama material. A good quality, super absorbent, soft cleaning cloth.

towellingwipers Towelling Wipers
A high quality, pure cotton, all round cleaning cloth. Highly absorbent and ideal for heavier spills, wiping grease, etc.

whitesheets White Sheets
A premium quality, low lint fabric. Ideally suited to jobs where meticulous attention to detail is required.

hoiserywipers Hosiery Wipers
A soft, light, cotton fabric, cut from T-Shirt material. Primarily used for wiping, cleaning & polishing.

wipersmix Wipers Mix
A value mix of wiping cloths of different sizes and materials. Ideal for general cleaning / use.

We now offer delivery! Pallets of 45 packs are available with a size of 120(w)x120(l)x110(h)cm.

Our stock of wiping cloths changes regularly, so contact us for pricing and stock availability.

Bag Details: Size: 40x40x18 cm per pack (approx). All images are for illustrative purposes only and are representative of the product you will receive.