Savanna Rags - UK Charitable Sector

Savanna Rags International Limited are very proud to be a substantial service provider to the Charitable sector in the UK.

We offer a comprehensive all round service. From logistical support, collection services, document processing through to a sustainable financial package.

Part of our business model is to understand the long term benefits of combined partnerships and not short term gains.

With the continued support of our working partners we have assisted with:

Contribution for delivery of overseas Aid £60,512 Direct Donations overseas Aid £20,000 Direct Donations UK Charities and Organisations £38,264 Includes: Mansfield Heroes Memorial Fund £2000 Sherwood Hospital Trust £5000 Mansfield Woodhouse CDG £8,191 Mansfield Woodhouse Youth Project £2,277 Chad Santa Appeal £600 PDSA pets hospital £500 Mansfield Palace Theatre£ 1,250 The Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance £200 Winter support Project £4,092 Total funds expended to date £118,776

As part of our commitment to local and national organisations we are always willing to assist where ever possible.

If you feel your organisation could benefit from our support please do not hesitate to contact our company.