Recycling with the community at its heart

We have an article in the Mansfield Chronicle Advertiser this week about our company, how we work and what we do....

Savanna Rags is one of the East Midlands best kept secrets but it is a company doing great things at home and abroad.. And while it is a firm which has its origins in Zambia more than 22 years ago, it is now firmly putting Mansfield on the map.

In Zambia, brothers Ahmed and Yunus Suleman used to trade in second hand textiles from merchants who used to import from the UK and would sell it to locals who did not have the funds to buy new clothes . They moved to the UK and so the idea came up to build a business. After much work, they founded the firm on Wood Street, Mansfield, employing 20 people. From those days,the nationally operating company has grown in to one that occupies a former mill in Forest Road, employs 170 people and exports hundreds of tonnes of textiles a week.

We’re one of the largest employers in the Mansfield area and calculate we help to inject about £70,000 a week into the local economy. We load an average of 20 containers a week, equating to about 370,000 tonnes, and send just 1 per cent of collected materials to landfill. It’s an amazing logistical challenge.

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