In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic the Focus Point Community Support Network was created. The support network was founded by the Peaceful Trust, local councillors and members of service in Mansfield Woodhouse. The aim of the group was to support local residents who found themselves, either through shielding, illness, self-isolation, or lack of transport, unable to carry on with daily duties. The members of the network have helped countless individuals with collecting prescriptions, delivering groceries and even walking dogs. When restrictions were eased, in the summer of 2020, demand for the network also slowed, but it was still available for those who required assistance. However, when the winter months approached and cases began to rise, so did the number of people seeking help. In the February of 2021 The Focus Point Community Support Network completed its 600th job. The dedication of the volunteers have become a beacon of community spirit during a particularly challenging time and cannot be left unnoticed.