Savanna's Easter Egg Drive 2021

After our Christmas toy drive proved successful, we did not want to stand by and do nothing for the Easter period. As in previous years, we organised an Easter egg drive. Previously, the donations were gifted to the local Children’s Hospital ward. This year’s donations were intended to be distributed within the local Mansfield Woodhouse community. During the month of March, our wonderful staff and suppliers brought in chocolate Easter eggs and treats in great numbers. On Monday the 29th of March Anne Callaghan MBE, a local volunteer, and Charlene Burton-Betts, from the Peaceful Trust, collected all the donations. Anne works closely with the local children’s centre and was able to distribute a part of the donations to vulnerable families in the area. The rest of the eggs were used by the Peaceful Trust towards a Focus Point children’s competition in Mansfield Woodhouse and were delivered to local care homes. Although this is a small gesture, in these difficult and unprecedented times any possible way to spread happiness is noteworthy. Thank you to everyone who participated and brought donations, as well as to everyone involved in the distribution of the eggs.